Health Insurance for Companies

Employers need to know their people are protected, supported and satisfied when it comes to healthcare.

Safe Meridian Group Plans deliver.  We have worked with employers in Asia for over 30 years, providing effective solutions to both startups and multinationals alike. 

We offer both standard and tailored group plans in partnership with leading insurers, and our service levels are second to none.   Our Plans are flexible, affordable, and incorporate various options to help you create the plan that suits your needs and budget.  Our risk management programs help to ensure your benefit schemes and their premiums are sustainable.

For employers self-funding their benefits, we offer administration and risk management services, supported by our global direct settlement networks.  Our stop-loss covers protect against the unexpected, and you can rest assured your benefits are cost controlled and delivering value.

Most Safe Meridian Plans:

  • Allow you to choose different plans and options for each staff category
  • Include access to our global direct settlement provider network
  • Permit Electronic claims lodgement
  • Provide comprehensive reports on utilization and benefits paid.

No matter where you may be, there is a Safe Meridian Plan that is the right plan for your Company.

Looking for cover?

If you are looking for cover, we can recommend the following:

Insured with QBE Singapore, available to companies globally.
International Global HealthInsured with Dayin Mitra, available to companies incorporated in Indonesia.

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Simple, secure, easy to understand, and always friendly

We appreciate you need your employees to be happy and satisfied.  Our enrolment processes are fast and effective, our Plan material is carefully designed to be clear and easy to understand, and we provide support to both your employees and to HR teams.

In addition to partnering only with trusted, secure insurers in Asia, our Plans are also backed by a global Reinsurer, with a total capital of USD 7 billion, assets of USD 21 billion and cash and investments of USD 14.5 billion. They are rated “A+” (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s and “A+” (Superior) XV by A.M. Best.

And behind it all, present in everything we do, is a friendly, professional service of the highest standard.

Safe Meridian designs and administers insurance products for leading insurers in the Asia Pacific. Not all products are available via intermediaries or via this website.