Flexible Plan Designs

Safe Meridian is a leader in the design of innovative, flexible international health insurance plan solutions. Our unique approach to plan design delivers cross-border health insurance solutions that are comprehensive, cost-effective, and sustainable over the long-term. We want customers to have the cover they need at the premium they can afford.

Everyone has their own unique circumstances when it comes to their health insurance needs.  Their view of risk, the level of security they are looking for, and what they can afford to pay.  Helping customers find that balance is what distinguishes an insurer.

Safe Meridian provides tailored solutions for various segments, various risks and various budgets.  We provide customer options, that in terms of cost are sustainable over time.

Providing Customers a Choice

To illustrate some of the ways we provide customers options, the options we have built into the Globalis Plans (insured with QBE in various markets) show below.  Each option offers a lower level of coverage in exchange for a discount on the standard premium, and customers are free to choose any combination of options:

  • Overall Annual Plan Limits
    3 Limits (USD 3million, 1.5million, 0.5million)
  • Geographic Areas of Cover
    3 Geographic Areas of Cover
  • High-Cost Providers Access
    3 Levels of Access
  • Deductibles
    3 to 5 Deductible Options (depending on choice of plan)
  • Hospital Room Types
    2 Hospital Room Types
  • Outpatient Annual Limits
    3 Limits (Up to Overall Annual Plan limit, USD 15,000, 7,500)
  • Outpatient Direct Billing Services
    2 Levels of Access
  • Coinsurances
    3 Levels (nil, 10%, 20%)

We build unique plans for each insurer partnering with Safe Meridian.  We appreciate insurers need to distinguish themselves.  In doing so, we keep to our philosophy that customers value choice, and everyone values a Plan that is sustainable in terms of both its benefits and premiums.

Like to Know More?

If you are an insurer looking for a medical benefits product, contact us for details of our service standards, capabilities, and pricing.

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Safe Meridian designs and administers insurance products for leading insurers in the Asia Pacific. Not all products are available via intermediaries or via this website.