Sustainable Solutions

Safe Meridian is committed to providing premium sustainable international health insurance solutions.  The cost-control measures included in our plan designs allow clients to benefit from health insurance that offers both cost-effective, affordable premiums and comprehensive coverage.

We believe that healthy living should be rewarded.  We offer No Claim Bonuses in many of our Plans, providing members that do not lodge inpatient or outpatient claims during a policy year, a discount on their premium for the following policy year. Each year, they can earn a 5% discount on their annual premium, up to a maximum discount of 25%.  The No Claim Discount provides Members yet another cost-control measure, by which their premium can remain affordable over time.

Safe Meridian’s expertise in risk management, healthcare provider network administration, and smart benefit design, allows us to achieve this sustainability for our members, all while offering the comprehensive international coverage and prompt customer service they have come to expect from us.

Safe Meridian plans are offered in partnership with leading insurers throughout Asia.

Please contact us, or your insurance advisor, for more information.