Australian Connections

Safe Meridian has Aussie roots, so we’ve put in the effort to sort out a few additional benefits with our Aussie Members in mind. You can find details of these in your Member Handbook. The services are available to all Members, regardless of nationality.

Second Opinions from Aussie Specialists

if you’re ever in need of a second medical opinion, nib can obtain it for you from an Aussie Specialist. This service is limited to major medical conditions only (check your Handbook) but can be invaluable if you’re a bit lost and not certain whether to commit to the plan of treatment being offered locally.

Aussie Assistance

We’ve organized for nib Assist to provide the emergency assistance services available to Members of our Globalis Plans, and to Members of our bespoke Bali Plans.

nib Assist (or nib International Assistance if you prefer!) is part of the well-known nib Group, which runs the nib Health Funds in Australia and New Zealand.

You’ll find a very friendly voice on the phone in the event of an emergency.

Maintaining an Aussie health insurance cover whilst abroad?

If you’re maintaining an Australian health insurance cover while traveling around being an Expat, nib offers a number of low-cost options you might find of interest.

Moving to Australia?

If you’re moving to Australia and looking to purchase domestic health insurance, we can help.

We’ve organized premium discounts and the waiver of a number of waiting periods for our Policyholders with nib Australia. You’ll find they’re quite attractive.

Contact us or your intermediary for details.