About Us

Safe Meridian as a brand was established in 2015 by a group of people who have lived and worked in Asia for decades. Prior to that, Safe Meridian leaders had been busy designing and managing health insurance plans for other companies. They’d been the driving force behind a number of international health insurance products in both Asia and the Middle East.

We believe customers are tired of paying ever-higher premiums. We believe they deserve the right to select different plans and options for each family member (which can reduce premiums significantly). We believe they want the ability to tailor plans to suit both their needs and budget. Better Benefits, Better Premiums.

Safe Meridian was created to deliver quality international health insurance solutions with sustainable premiums for both individuals and groups. We’re focused on ensuring our customers have the ability to tailor solutions to meet both their needs and budgets.

Safe Meridian designed policies are backed by leading insurers in the Asia Pacific, and backed with the financial strength of global reinsurance companies financially rated A or higher by S&P or similar.

Committed to a better tomorrow…

At Safe Meridian, we’re committed to doing business better and to helping the planet.

We avoid printing paper as much as possible, we accept claims electronically, and we provide Members an online portal to manage their policy. We also have internal policies in place to limit conflict of interest, to respect labour laws and to uphold basic human values.

We’re committed to making tomorrow better than today.