If you’re looking to cover your employees or to provide a benefit to the members of your association, Safe Meridian offers a range of group solutions and they call come with our commitment to keeping premiums sustainable.

Finding the right solution

We can tailor arrangements to suit most requirements:

  • Full cover employee benefit schemes
    • Select different plans and options for different employee categories to keep premiums down
    • Or require participants to pay or part-pay
  • Voluntary enrolment plans (ideal for associations)
  • Top-up plans
  • Simplified underwriting
  • MHD terms for groups of 10 or more

Self-funding benefits?

Many companies self-fund their employee health benefits. If you’re keen to control costs without impacting service or benefits, we have tried and tested solutions that deliver. We can also offer a few options:

  • Benefit administration
  • Cashless provider networks
  • Medical checkups
  • Insurance options
  • Management of mixed solutions (part self-funded, part insured)
  • Excess of Loss/Stop Loss solutions to cap your exposure

Self-funding medical benefits can save you a lot of money over time, but the schemes must be well managed to avoid cost blow-outs and upset employees.

Associations & Unions

If you’re running an association or union and looking to “add value” for members, we can offer a number of options:

  • Tailored Benefit solutions
  • Voluntary enrolment plans
  • Simplified underwriting (or waiver if you’re large enough)
  • Plans with standard benefits and top-up options on a self-pay basis