Safe Meridian international health plans are distributed by leading Insurance Intermediaries in Asia. If you can’t find an intermediary that offers Globalis, let us know and we’ll help find one!

Our IntermediaryOnline service provides automated quotations, policy material, and later this year, information on claims and upcoming renewals.

Friendly, fast, easy.

We appreciate the support of our intermediary partners and do our best to ‘keep life easy’, providing competitive offers and prompt, efficient service.  You’ll find our sales support teams are responsive, and always ready to drop by to provide product training and product updates, or just to answer questions over a coffee.

As a Partner of Safe Meridian, you can expect:

  • A Safe Meridian Account Manager
  • Training and marketing materials for you and your team
  • Prompt pre- and post-sales service
  • Access to innovative products with sustainable premiums
  • A multilingual team of experienced professionals to support you and your clients

Looking to create your own Product?

Safe Meridian has designed and managed plans for both insurers and intermediaries.  If you’re looking for your own unique plan as an intermediary, with material that’s co-badged and includes your input, contact us for a discussion.  There’s a reason not all of the products we manage are available to all intermediaries!

Work with us today

If you’re not already offering Safe Meridian international health plans and would like to, drop us a short note using our contact us form and one of our sales support team will be in touch.