Globalis | No Claim Discounts

Published by The Safe Meridian Team on

We’re big believers in two things: healthy living should be rewarded and premiums should be kept to a minimum.

To promote healthy lifestyles and to show our appreciation to Members who have placed their trust in us year after year, we’ve included a No Claim Discount in Globalis Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

Members enrolled in these Plans, who don’t lodge claims during the year, are rewarded with discounts on their renewal premium.

  • No claims for 1 year: 10%
  • No claims for 2 consecutive years: 15%
  • No claims for 3 consecutive years: 20%
  • No claims for 4 consecutive years or more: 25%

And we’re happy to ignore certain claims when calculating your discount!

We want our members healthy and happy, so any claims incurred for Wellness, Dental, Vision, or Hospital Cash benefits, are ignored when we calculate your No Claim Discount. You can enjoy those benefits without losing the discount.

Sound like the kind of international health insurance you’ve been looking for? Contact us or your insurance advisor for a quote or more information regarding the Globalis Policy.